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Rondleidingen in de Zaanstreek - Guided tours in the Zaan region

Zaan Tours

Zaan Tours started in 2014 to offer visitors of Zaanstad and its region everything that is to tell about this beautiful area. Zaan Tours offers outstanding walking tours that cover the centre of Zaandam, Amsterdam and the famous tourist attraction “Zaanse Schans”. A well-informed local guide will tell you and your group everything about the sights, the history and the present. These guided tours can easily be booked on the website. During summer season, the “Zaanse Schans” tour is also offered daily from Wednesday to Sunday at 11:00 AM. For companies Zaan Tours can offer specific tours for their (international) guests.

The guide

Bart Sluiter is a guide that has a big heart for the Zaan region. As a born and raised native of Zaanstad, he has extensive knowledge of both the Zaanse Schans, the Zaanstreek and Amsterdam. With his enthusiasm, he makes sure you get to know the area on a cheerful way. Bart can also help you realize specific requests you may have during your stay in an excellent way.




The Zaan region

The Zaan area is made of the villages and fields around river Zaan, situated just north of Amsterdam. The region has a rich industrial past, but also beautiful sights of landscapes. Famous persons who has visited the region include Russian czar Peter the Great, Napoleon and Monet. About 300 years ago, alongside river Zaan originally stood over 1000 wind mills. Nowadays, the food industry is an important business. Big companies as Verkade, Duyvis, Albert Heijn, Honig, Lassie and cocoa factories of Gerkens and ADM are originally from here. That's why the Zaan region is also called “the pantry” of the country.


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